Welcome to Svendborg Svømmeland (Waterpark)

Welcome to Svendborg Svømmeland (Waterpark)


    • 25 meter pool 27 degrees (with 6 lanes for swimming and playing)
    • Activity pool  30 degrees (for fun water activities with a whirlpool and slip stream and a 70 meter waterslide)
    • Paddling pool - The paddling pool is 32 degrees with a water depth of 40 cm (for toddlers and babies)
    • Health / warm water pool 34 degrees (perfect for babies - no playing or diving allowed)
    • Spa – The spa is 36 degrees
    Entrance fees

    Prices in DKK


    One ticket

    10-clip ticket

    20-clip ticket

    Child (0 - 2 years old)




    Child (3 - 15 years old)




    Adult (18+ years old)




    Adult (65+ years old or disability benefit)









    Child/Adult 65+ (1 clip)

    Adult (2 clips)




    Blue Zone – adult

    Monday – Friday            8.00 AM – 10.00 AM

    Thursday and Friday      6.00 PM – 8.00 PM
    (not school holidays)






    We accept payment with Euro, traditional credit cards (Mastercard/Visa etc.) and MobilePay.

    In the Swim Shop we sell swim goggles, swimwear, baby swim pants / diapers and cute beach toys without phatalates.

    You can also rent swimwear and towels if you left home without (DKK 10,-)

    Opening hours from June 1st – August 15th

    Monday – Friday

    8.00 AM – 6.00 PM

    Saturday – Sunday

    9.00 AM – 4.00 PM

    Bathing rules
    • The use of the pools may only take place after careful shampooing of the entire body without swimwear and subsequent showers. Applied creams, makeup, hairspray and the like should also be washed out before bathing.
    • Bathing clothes must be clean.
    • The pools can only be used by people who can hold on urine and stools.
    • Persons with verrucas, athlete's foot and other contagious diseases must not use the pools.
    • After toilet visits, wash again.
    • The general rules of the water park must be observed.
    • NOTE! Parents of infants.

    All infants must be "double-protected". i.e. Your child must wear a swim diaper and a pair of swim trunks / swim suit before going to the pools.


    When you visit Svendborg Svømmeland there are some important rules to keep in mind:

    Please read and follow the water park rules of order.

    • Follow the directions on the signs
    • Check the depth of water before jumping in
    • Always keep children under surveillance (Parental responsibility)
    • Children under 10 years old only have access to Svendborg Svømmeland under the supervision of an adult.
    • Children who cannot swim must use water wings or belts.
    • Do not run in the swimming area as the floor is very slippery.
    • Whereabouts in the water park is at your own risk.
    • We recommend that people with epilepsy and heart problems are under constant supervision of a personal helper.
    • The presence of lifeguards is preventive and they provide qualified first aid in case of an accident.
    • The lifeguards are trained to predict dangerous situations and they will intervene, if they find any situations to be dangerous.
    • The lifeguards minimize the risk of an accident ending with a tragic outcome.
    • The lifeguards are trained to use the water park safety equipment.
    • The lifeguards must pass the Professional Rescue Examiner each year.
    • The lifeguards cannot guarantee the safety of all visitors in the water park.